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Service Without Compromise

Bicycle Ranch delivers the best bicycle service in the state of Arizona. Period.  Our expert mechanics use the most thorough procedures in the industry. The result isn't cheap or fast, it is simply the highest quality workmanship available. Our staff is knowledgeable in all areas of bike repair, from flat tires to suspension overhauls, electronic components and helping suggest the right and most cost effective repairs for your bicycle. 

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any problem with the way your bike works after our repair, just let us know, we'll do everything we can to correct it. 

Please contact us for details regarding these and additional services that are available. 

Standard Tune-Up


  1. Wipe down bicycle.
  2. True wheels off bike.
  3. Check spoke tension by hand (charge as needed to adjust).
  4. Inflate tires to necessary pressure.
  5. Inspect & adjust headset bearing assembly.
  6. Check all bolts and nuts for proper tightness.
  7. Center brakes so they don't rub on rim.
  8. Adjust front & rear brake cable tension.
  9. Adjust front & rear shifting.
  10. Clean & Lubricate chain.

Major Tune-Up


  1. All items included in Standard Tune-Up plus:
  2. Lubricate all pivot points: derailleurs, brake calipers, cable guides, lever pivots, etc.
  3. Adjust brake pad alignment.
  4. Check rear derailleur hanger alignment (charge as necessary if alignment tool is needed).
  5. Adjust bottom bracket bearing assembly.
  6. Tighten crank and chainring bolts.
  7. Remove cassette, front derailleur, rear derailleur, chain and chainrings, soak them in solvent and wash by hand to remove all dirt, oil, grease and debris.

Complete Overhaul


  1. All items in major and ExpandedTune-Up plus:
  2. Clean and Inspect threads on bottom bracket (Chase extra if necessary) 
  3. Replace cables as needed (housing extra if needed.) 
  4. Clean and lubricate headset bearings.
  5. Clean and lubricate front and rear hub assemblies. 

*Cost of bearings is not included in price of Tune-Up.

Additional service items include but are not limited to





Adjust Derailleur$15Overhaul rear shock$50 (Parts not included)
Wheel True$20Tape handle bars$15
Adjust brakes$10Spoke replacement$25 plus spoke cost
Install Chain$15Install der cable$12.50
Flat tire repair$10 (tube not included)

Install brake cable$15
Overhaul Bottom Bracket$30Bleed hydr. Disc brake$30
Overhaul fork$75 (parts not included)Box bike for shipping including materials