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At Bicycle Ranch Tucson we firmly believe that a proper fit is paramount to a riders ability to enjoy cycling to the fullest. We encourage you to learn more about our fitting process and why it is so important to be fitted. If you have not yet been fitted to your bike, you are not riding to your full potential. While we provide a complete fitting with every bike we sell, oftentimes small changes in position and fitness can result in discomfort and or injury. Ask about all of our fit options to dial in your riding position. 

Bike fitting

Full Bike Fit


A proper fit looks at not only saddle height but fore and aft saddle position, saddle angle, reach, handlebar width, stem length and angle. All of these factors will help make every ride pain free. 

Saddle fit chart

Saddle Fit


A saddle is a very subjective item that can often be hard to find the right one. During a saddle fit we will look at rider position along with different saddle shapes and styles.

Cleat position image

Cleat Position


Once a rider starts using clipless pedals it is important to ensure the angles and position of cleats are paramount to comfort and power.