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Steve Morganstern has been participating in cycling events since age thirteen. He grew up in Ohio where year round cycling is difficult, but he never lost his passion for it.  Cycling is more than just a hobby, it has been his way of life. His wife, Shar and their sons are also into cycling, and often participate as a family at events or just enjoy neighborhood rides.

After college, he worked for two companies which are world renowned for customer service and satisfaction. He acquired a strong foundation and understanding of what it takes to meet the needs of his customers.  Steve's experience in the automobile service industry gives him a unique understanding of the old saying, the customer is always right. Steve believes bikes and cars are very similar in how people become strongly attached to them. Both owners know what they expect a sales or service experience to be.

Steve was a longstanding customer of Bicycle Ranch Scottsdale and was always impressed by their professional, prompt and courteous sales and service.   He approached owners Markus Zimmer and Andy Peshek about opening a Tucson location.

Bicycle Ranch Tucson provides a unique experience to cyclists of all ages and abilities. It is a place where cyclists of all the different varieties can congregate, ask questions, gain information, find products, and experience service that fits their needs and level of enjoyment.

There is nothing we like more than sharing the experience and love of cycling, be it a child’s first bike, a racers new dream or just something to hit the coffee shop on. We have everything you need to forever, Pedal On! 

Steve and Shar


Full Time

Joe Dominguez is a familiar face in the Tucson market. Starting in shops at the age of 13, Joe has honed his mechanic skills to a level beyond most in Tucson. His knowledge of components, frames, suspension and tires is hard to match. Joe is not only an amazing mechanic but superb rider as well. He leads our Sunday mountain bike rides and is often off the front of our Saturday Roundup Ride. 

Jon Stoltz moved to Tucson from Indiana and has fallen in love with the riding and community that Tucson offers. Jon worked at several shops before moving here and was most recently a manager at the Performance store here in Tucson before they closed. With a wealth of knowledge and riding experience, Jon is able to direct customers to the right products for their needs, make suggestions on where to ride and what products might be of benefit.

Part Time

Justin Farrell started riding with the Oro Valley high school mountain bike team and has been involved with cycling every since. Justin has great customer service skills as well as the ability to work on mechanical issues. You will see him on both sides of the counter helping customers every chance he gets.

Mark Lee might be one of the most well known mechanics in Tucson. Having worked at several shops, including a long run with, he has had his own shop, worked at the Olympic training center and helped world class athletes achieve success. Mark is a great addition to our team. 

Tyler Morganstern might be known as the owners son, but while taking classes at Pima Community College has delved into the world of cycling and has become an integral part of the staff. He can assist with all aspects of sales and even a repair or two. Like many of our customers, Tyler is just getting hooked on cycling and can regularly be found on the Saturday shop ride.  

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