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Continental GP 5000 tireTread pattern of Continental GP 5000packaging for Continental GP 5000Continental GP 5000

Product review, Continental GP 5000 tires. 


by Steven Morganstern

It’s been a while since I did a review on a product, not to say there isn’t plenty of new stuff to review, but there are not many that people have been asking about. Well, the new Continental GP 5000 tire is just such a product. Why a tire you ask? Well, the previous version, the GP 4000 has been around for 14 years, and in bike life that is a very long time.

Two questions come to mind, why are they changing it now and is it that different. The GP 4000 is considered the best selling road tire of all time, it was race worthy, training worthy and just all around a good tire. Sure since it was introduced there have been faster tires with less rolling resistance, and some that have greater puncture protection. Trying to combine the two is the holly grail of cycling tires, so does the 5000 meet that mark?

Upon first inspection you can feel a difference in the rubber, it feels tackier and a bit thicker than the old 4000. Looks are similar but the compound also has a different sheen to it, maybe it’s the laser etching that makes up the tread.

More importantly to my personal taste, the 5000 also comes in a tubeless version, finally, and that is the tire I have been running on.

My first impression was that it is a very smooth rolling tire, compared to the Hutchinson I was currently running, and in cornering the grip is confidence inspiring.

Most people will ask, how hard is it to mount? Well both the standard and the tubeless versions went on without the need of tools but as always this can be affected by rim and tire combinations. I think that most people will find it an easy tire to install and remove under most conditions.

Price, well that is still on the high range as expected for a top end tire. Like previous versions and it’s cousin the Gatorskin Hardshell, the GP 5000 retails for $79.95. Is it worth the premium, so far I would have to say it is.

It will be some time before I can give a long term review and it will be interesting to see the wear and durability as the miles add on, not to mention the puncture resistance. Please check back for more information on this and other products.

The Continental GP 5000 at a glance

  • 14 years since the GP4000 was first introduced
  • GP 5000 available in clincher and tubeless up to 32mm wide
  • 12% better rolling resistance
  • 20% increased puncture resistance
  • Improved grip and comfort and 10g lighter
  • LazerGrip lazer engraved textured shoulders to enhance cornering grip
  • Active Comfort Technology is a layer of elastomer dampening material inside the tire designed to dampen vibrations
  • GP 5000 Tubeless is 5% lower rolling resistance and 5% improved puncture resistance over its clincher sibling